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Preschoolers’ have truly left babyhood behind, not only
in appearance, but also in their many added skills. They
now have increased balance and control, construct more
complex sentences, speak more intelligibly, engage in
conversations, and indulge in make believe play. Most
of the time it seems that Three to Four year olds are
mostly full of questions, constantly asking “Why?” or
“What for?” or “How come?”

This is a time when school experiences can be met with
enthusiasm and enjoyment as their budding skills allow
them to enjoy an ever-widening array of activities and
peer interactions. Our preschool curriculum introduces
language, math, science and social skills in a logical,
sequence to encourage learning one step at a time,
building upon those learned in the Toddlers’s Program.

Our teachers provide considerable individual attention
to support your child’s unique needs, yet will encourage
your child to continue developing their recently acquired
social skills and social problem-solving skills in a safe
exploration environment.Our program encourages
children to explore, practice self-help skills, and
challenges them to learn, while making new friends and
developing confidence in themselves and their
relationships with others. Because children learn by
doing, we provide ample opportunities for hands-on