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We are sympathetic to the fact that it can be
difficult to leave your child in the care of another
and feel secure that your child will be treated withcute_baby_background_wallpaper-t2
the same care, concern for safety, and stimulation
that he would receive at home. You are looking for
a safe, secure “home away from home” where you
can feel confident that your child will learn, play
and grow.

We have designed a nurturing, creative yet secureBlack-Babies-Cute-480x319
world for infants to have the freedom for their
little bodies and minds to develop. All of us at
Stepping Stones wish to work with you to make a
smooth and happy transition into our program. We
take to heart our commitment to creating a strong
bond with you and your child to ensure your baby
has the best start in life. And we thank you for
allowing us to participate in the nurturing of your
most precious bundle.

Our program is filled with sensory experiences,
emphasizing the importance of their environmentcutest-twin-babies-funny_5066086724731840
and relationships with people and objects. Your
little one will be building cognitive, language,
motor and social skills, while taking those first
steps to discovering their continually expanding
world. Our teachers individually nurture each child
and provide significant interaction to encourage
each child to develop his confidence to explore
and learn.